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Come on in! We are real motivated to make you climb.

Climb City is the answer to your first steps to the great outdoors. 

Train with the most fun bunch. Fall in love with climbing.

Hope to see you at the top. 


Once we get some details of you, your profile is made and you can check - in.


Payments can be made online or at the centre. 


Ids will be verified at the centre.


safety briefing

Climbing is dangerous and comes with inherent risks.

New climbers will be given a brief orientation.

Things that we will cover are risks, belay, etiquettes, lead climbing, falling and most definitely safety.

Pick your rentals

Pick your rental shoes from so you dont have to pack anything.



Why Climb?

Climbing is a new age movement and sport that often tests a climber's strength, endurance, agility and balance along with mental control.


How fit should I be for my first climb?

There is no eligibility criteria.

Every level of climbing comes with good amount of fun.


It takes time, but fitness is the by-product of climbing.


Advanced level of climbs will need good core and general endurance. 


What do I need to get to the Center?

Center has all the gear that you would need for climbing.


You might want to carry water, additional set of clothes, bath accessories if you want to have a shower.


Do I really need classes? Or can I learn on my own?

You don't really need classes. Most athletes have learnt it on their own accord.

That being said, classes definitely help. Classes gives one to one interaction with the coaches. They guide you so that are not lost andcan get you to speed with climbing. 


Do you have showers?

Yes we have. Amazing, clean ones. 


I am a parent. Do I have to supervise my kid?

In order to keep all climbers safe in the gym, we require that any climber under the age of 16 are actively supervised by an adult.


What do I wear?

Any clothing which is comfortable, not too baggy or flowy.

Please remember to remove jewelry and accessories that could cause injuries.

rules And policies

Be Kind.

Have Fun.

Egos have no place here.

Be nice to everyone especially coaches and staff.


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