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The City's Dining Room

BURASH, a contemporary casual dining restaurant, is born out of the marriage of ace technique and natural bounty.


Climb City

The City's Dining Room

We open our doors to you for a refreshing experience, crafted through pairings of artisanal brews and house made sober cocktails with lip smacking food. Walk into warm interiors and panaromic views. Savour the nutritional value of earth's ingredients. Celebrate minimilistic cooking. Let flavours bloom. Let fragrance enchant. Devour.



A menu that changes with the season. Natural wines from the forest produce. Daily bitter and sour cocktails. A night of many amaros.

We at BURASH are here to deliver an ode to mother earth through sustainable dining,

Burash has forged lasting partnerships with local farmers. We strive to serve reverent sustainability-influenced food highlighting these connections and ingredients. 


Chef partner 

Chef Rishab started his culinary journey by training at The Imperial New Delhi, and quickly moved on to spending quality years at Olive Bar & Kitchen at the very beginning of his career. He was also a part of the prelaunch team of The Grammar Room.

This experience aided him in heading a home kitchen soon after. Here he customized tastings and experimented with flavors, learning the nuances of curating a menu that speaks to the soul. His passion for food also took him to venture into all avenues of the edible. He took time out to consult and partner up with a gourmet pet food firm named Goofy Tails, where after as a certified nutritionist he designed nutritious gourmet recipes of fresh food that continue to revolutionise the way pets eat. 

A seasoned chef with a major belief in capturing the simplicity of ingredients used, Chef Rishab now helms the kitchen at Burash. While his speciality lies in Italian and Mediterranean food, his heart runs to experimenting with any and all elements that lend a contemporary touch to trusty, traditional recipes.

Rishab gupta 

Contact Us

If you have reservations or party booking please contact

Ridhika Jain

+91 98181 81750

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